Lower Mississippi River

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Shrimp boat off Grand Isle, Louisiana.

States of Emergence/y: Coastal Restoration and the Future of Louisiana’s Vietnamese/American Commercial Fisherfolk

While all coastal entrepreneurs feel the strain of the decisions and projects Colten outlines above, their consequences are borne more heavily by first-generation, 1.5-generation, and second-generation Vietnamese/American fisherfolk. While all fisherfolk are concerned about environmental change and forced adaptation, language barriers, a lack of political representation, and cultural differences make Vietnamese/Americans…

Morning swim at Shreve's Bar. From the Atchafalaya Rivergator Expedition of 2015. Image courtesy of David Hanson.

Free-Flowing Waters: A Vision for a Lower Mississippi River Wilderness

Wilderness is a feeling. It is more than that, of course—wilderness is the wind and the water, the turtles and coyotes, all that exists beyond and around and within our human selves. But when we speak of wilderness, we’re so often speaking about a feeling: that feeling of smallness, strangely comforting, or of connection, or of wonder at how much there is in the world.